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Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Post Date:03/22/2017 7:45 AM

230 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA  95060

To: Public

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Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Requires Resident Input

We need your comments, concerns and issues as we update our emergency plans.

Natural disasters can affect our entire community, including your neighborhood — from flooding and earthquakes to landslides and coastal storms.

In order to be eligible for funding to mitigate the potential for these disasters to cause loss of life, property and severe impacts to our environment, the City of Santa Cruz will be updating our Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Plan by clicking the link above. The Local Hazard Mitigation Plan provides in-depth information related to your community and the hazards we are subject to as well as the plans to mitigate them.

We are requesting your input on this plan as we move ahead with our 2017–2022 Plan Update. You can send your comments to: All input and concerns will be incorporated into the plan and will help guide us to a final plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Solick at 420-5169.

You can also take our Citizen Survey: “Are You Ready?” by clicking the link to the left.

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