Corridor Planning and Rezoning

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What is the Corridor Planning Process and Rezoning?

The 2030 General Plan provides guidance for the City’s primary mixed-use corridors (Soquel, Water, Ocean, Mission), which were identified as “change areas” served by transit. The corridors are eclectic—already “mixed use” by nature of their organic, piecemeal development—and they represent the diverse character of Santa Cruz. New development, including some examples of vertical mixed use, has occurred in recent years, so there is precedent for viable infill. At the same time, the corridors are major thoroughfares that carry a lot of traffic (as well as other modes), and there is no room for right of way expansion or increasing capacity.

The ultimate objectives for this project are to produce innovative and integrated corridor planning and a Zoning Code Update that will serve as an effective tool to achieve the vision for the future expressed in the General Plan, and to identify associated transportation system and parking improvements needed to support new zoning consistency.


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 Michelle King, Senior Planner