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Volunteer with the Santa Cruz Police Department!

The Santa Cruz Police Department would like to invite you to join us as a volunteer! We know that in order to be successful, a strong sense of unity and shared purpose must exist between your police and the community. As a police volunteer,  you are helping to continue to connect the Santa Cruz Police Department with the community we serve.

We greatly value our volunteers and recognize that what you do has a direct impact on the safety of our community. Our volunteer's commitment to serving the department through various tasks, in turn improves the quality of life in our community. By accomplishing these duties and volunteering a minimum number of hours per month, each volunteer provides an outstanding service to the community. 

We believe that the true measurement of our department is the impact we leave for those who come after us. We strive to be highly accountable and accessible while focusing on what we believe our agency does best; community-oriented policing. Please join us in this endeavor - partner with us as a police volunteer.

Help us leverage your talent by integrating your knowledge, skills and commitment to service in one of the following ways:



Police Vehicle Facilitator

Organize and supervise the cleaning, refueling and stocking of police cars. Drive police cars to the car wash and take them to the city yard for gas. Be responsible for restocking of the trunks of cars with report papers, gloves, and other equipment for patrol. Work with Property Attendants to shuttle cars to the city yard for regular maintenance.

Operations Assistant

These volunteers could assist in any of the following areas:

-- Updating and maintaining Serial Inebriate lists

-- Office assistant

-- Historic Display Management

Traffic Complaint Verification

The volunteer will be assigned to monitor appropriate requests for traffic enforcement or complaints of traffic violations at a particular location.

The volunteer will learn to use radar or Lidar speed monitoring equipment to monitor complaints of speeding vehicles. The volunteer may also be asked to monitor other violations, such as stop sign violations, failure to yield to pedestrians, etc. The volunteer may be asked to contact the reporting person to clarify violations, time of day, etc.

The volunteer will keep a log of the violations, and attempt to obtain a license plate of the offending vehicle. The volunteer will present the list of license plates to the Records section to obtain registered owner information. A warning letter will be generated from the Operations Captain warning the registered owner of the observed violation.

Command Post Readiness

The volunteer will be responsible for maintaining the Police Department’s mobile command post in a state of readiness for deployment at a moment’s notice. Typical duties include testing equipment (radios, generators, lights, air conditioning), inspection of the trailer for wear, tires, necessary maintenance, etc.

Community Services

Community Eventing

Volunteers will assist the police department in the planning, logistics, and implementation of a community event. Typical events include bicycle rodeos, National Night Out, child fingerprinting, safety fairs, police department tours, and arranging special speakers at community events, citizen’s police academy.

Mobile Police Station

This position would staff the Mobile Police Station in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Assist citizens in filing online police reports. Disseminate crime prevention information. Provide a visible presence of the department.

Citizen’s Police Academy

Assist in the running and management of the Citizen’s Police Academy. This position would work with the Community Services Unit to prepare and present a Citizen’s Police academy at least one annually.

Vacation Checks

This position would be responsible for establishing a list of homes requesting a “vacation check” and conducting the checks. This would be an added service offered by the police department where residents plan to be away from the home for a short period of time.


Lobby Reception Counter Help

The volunteer will assist in the function of the front reception counter at the police department lobby.  The major functions include (1) interaction with the public, (2) directing them to or finding appropriate resources to address their needs, (3) process report requests, (4) receiving payment for fees due.

Police Records Scan Technician

The volunteer will assist the Records Unit by scanning documents and attaching them to electronic police reports. Some computer skills are necessary to operate the equipment and ensure accurate placement.


Investigations Assistant

The volunteer will assist with a number of Investigations Unit tasks. Those tasks could include:

Pawn slip management
Gang and graffiti file management
Sex Registrant Tracking
Arson Registrant Tracking


Questions? Contact Community Services Section at (831) 420-5850 or email.