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The Water Administration Section coordinates and manages department business by focusing on the following operational areas: human resources, finances, public relations, safety, regulatory compliance.


Administration is responsible for maintaining a rate structure that reflects cost of service, funds the department's capital improvement program and provides adequate reserves. Administation also facilitates the communication and interaction with the Water Commission, City Council, City Manager's and City Clerk's Office.

To assure public health and safety by providing a clean, adequate and reliable supply of water

To serve the community in a courteous, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner

• Integrity                 Professionalism
• Innovation             • Teamwork
• Objectivity              Transparency

• Preserve and secure reliable water supplies
    • Protecting surface water and groundwater resources
    • Developing flexible and dependable supplemental water sources
• Promote efficient and sustainable water consumption
    • Achieving maximum feasible water conservation and efficient use
    • Maintaining adequate drought and emergency preparedness
• Meet the current and foreseeable drinking water standards
    • Safeguarding source water quality
    • Complying with water quality monitoring and reporting requirements
    • Optimizing water system operations
• Improve infrastructure integrity and system reliability
    • Maintaining and rehabilitating aging facilities
    • Modernizing treatment plants
    • Optimizing storage, transmission, and distribution capacities and efficiencies
    • Obtain long-term environmental regulatory certainty for existing operations
• Create and foster maximum organizational effectiveness
    • Maintaining high level competence in servicing the customers
    • Continuously improving organizational efficiencies
    • Providing responsible financial stewardship
    • Striving to be a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible organization

Water Administration                                 Hours:
212 Locust Street, Suite A                             8 am to 12 noon
Santa Cruz, California 95060                         1 pm to 5 pm
831-420-5200                                              Monday - Friday
831-420-5201 (fax)

Rosemary Menard, Water Director