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Surf City saves water for our future. Our community believes in protecting the environment and the natural resources we rely on to survive. We save water, our most precious natural resource, to ensure that it will be there for us in the future and to reduce our environmental impact both locally and globally.


Little girls drinking water
Sustaining Our Water Sources
Santa Cruz gets all of its water from local streams and groundwater. When each person saves water, we reduce the amount we take from these sources. This effort helps to ensure a sustainable supply of water for future generations.



Newell Creek

Enhancing Our Stream Ecosystems
Our local streams are unique ecosystems and are home to sensitive species such as steelhead and coho salmon. To protect these fish and their habitats, we decrease the amount of water that we take out of these streams. We use a little less because we recognize value of healthy ecosystems.





Protecting Our Coast coastal picture
Water from sewage outfalls and storm drains pollute our coastal waters, degrading our coastal ecosystems and making it unsafe for us to play in the ocean. By saving water inside the house, we decrease the amount that goes to the sewer and ultimately to the ocean. Reducing outdoor uses such as irrigation means less water down the storm drains, thus decreasing polluted runoff into the ocean.


Water treatment plant

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
Between the stream and your tap, water gets pumped, treated, filtered, and heated. In other words, water uses a lot of energy. When everyone uses a little less water, our overall energy use goes down and so does our carbon footprint.

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