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Street Tree Planting Program

Did you know that the City of Santa Cruz can help provide residents with a new Street Tree?

Here's how. Please obtain a Street Tree Planting Application/Permit from the Parks and Recreation Office at 323 Church Street. There is no charge for the Planting Permit.

Refer to our approved City's Street Tree Species List for tree selections. (This list is also available at 323 Church Street.) Trees may be available for your sidewalk strip at no charge to the homeowner depending of our funding.

Materials required for planting your tree are two 8" tree stakes and two to four rubber tree ties. A small amount of time release fertilizer to distribute evenly around the root ball is also recommended. Call the Urban Forester to help determine the placement of your new tree!

Dig your hole only as deep as the existing root ball of your tree but twice as wide. Lightly compact the soil in the bottom of your new hole to avoid settling and planting your tree too deep.

Remove your tree from the container and manually separate the roots to prevent girdling roots.

Place your tree into the hole and backfill with native soil. Distribute your fertilizer throughout your backfill soil. It is better to plant your tree's root ball a bit too high than too low.

Pound in your two eight foot stakes and tie your tree bending your rubber tree ties into a figure eight configuration.

Water your tree thoroughly immediately after planting and approximately 10 gallons each week if it is not raining regularly. Trees will require regular watering for the first 3 years until they are established.

Trees benefit from fertilizer three times a year in spring, summer, and fall. Consult with an Arborist on young tree pruning to train for structure and strength. Call the City Urban Forester for more info 831-420-5246.

Neighborhood Tree Planting Program

As our City residents remove trees that are in decline, they can select as their mitigation requirement to make a donation to the "tree trust fund". Donations are then used to purchase young trees and materials. These trees are given out to neighborhoods for FREE. Staff helps coordinate with residents the type of tree and the quantity of trees each home will receive. A neighborhood "volunteer leader" then speaks to residents obtaining a commitment from them to water and help plant the trees. The neighbors choose a date on a Saturday morning to get all of the trees planted. Tree Plantings typically last a few hours and can be followed up with a neighborhood BBQ. It is great for community-building and a excellent way to meet your neighbors, not to mention the environmental benefits gained from tree planting and renewing our Urban Forest. Call 831-420-5246 for details.

Berkshire Neighbors volunteer planting

                                           Two neighborhood residents plant street trees


Last updated: 12/9/2009 1:06:18 PM